Sunday Club (Ages Up to 12)

On Sunday mornings, the children, young people and adults usually join together for the first 20 minutes of the service, and then the children and young people (aged 0 - 18) go downstairs into four groups for games, stories from the Bible, videos, prayers, and loads of fun!


Sunday Morning Group (ages 12+)

Sunday Morning Group takes place during the morning service.

We meet in the Church at 10.25 and stay in the service for the first 10 minutes joining in with the children's talk then we make our way into the hall

We start off having drinks and 'breakfast' in the form of bars, chocolate and whatever is requested the week before.

We play games such as Uno, cards, and many others. We have a time and talking about a Bible verse in a relaxed way.

And by then the Church service has finished so you can either stay for tea and coffee with everyone else or make your way home to tell people about the fun you had!

Anyone is welcome, just contact Luke if you have any further questions.