BMS World Mission

Annie & Dan Dupree

DupreeDan and Annie Dupree with their three children Charis, Isaac and Amaya, our BMS link workers in Albania are regularly posting  blog entries on the BMS website which tells us what they are doing and includes pictures of their situation and up to date information on the Tek Ura project that they have launched. You can access this at:

Their prayer letters, blog entries and videos are also all on the above link


Annet Ttendo-Miller and Damien Miller

MillerADOur BMS Link Workers in Mozambique are Annet Ttendo Miller, a lawyer from Uganda who is married to Damien Miller, a lawyer from UK. Annet is the team leader for the BMS Lawyers in Mozambique who are working with AMAC (Mozambique Association of Christian Lawyers) and amongst other things are involved in the areas of domestic violence and prison ministry. You can read more about them here: 

Their prayer letters, blog entries and videos are all on the above link