New Songs by Regeneration

Below you will find audio/videos of new songs we have been, or will be doing on Sunday mornings, so you can listen to them and get to know them.

Please note that these are youtube links, and what you hear here may not be how our group end up doing the songs, so treat them as more of a guideline!

As a worship team we have agreed that as a maximum we will introduce one new song per month, and sometimes it will be less than this. We will also be aiming to continue using our new songs so that as a fellowship we can continue to get to know them.

New Song - My Lighthouse
Introduced May 2018


New Song - Forever
Introduced March 2018


New Song - We worship a wonderful Saviour
Introduced December 2017

New Song - Revelation Song
To be introduced October 2017

New Song - This is amazing grace
Introduced May 2017
New Song - Crown Him (Majesty)
To be introduced January 2017
New Song - O Church Arise
Introduced September 2016


New Song - Abide with me
Introduced April 2016

New song - My Lord, what love is this
Introduced February 2016

New Song - We believe - The Creed
(Introduced 8th November)

Whom Shall I Fear
(introduced September 2015)


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