The Worship Hour

The Worship Hour is an alternative service which takes place
on a bi-monthly basis on the first Sunday of the month.
It is simply an hour of worship from 7-8pm.13f4b38a6b8bf1d5645501c0f95595

The structure is quite varied and more free flowing,
containing different styles of worship.                                                     
In the past it has contained periods of sung worship, prayer,
meditation, communion, times of sharing as well as exploring
worship through the use of prayer stations.

At the moment this event is usually led by Kim Latif,
but if anyone is interested in participating, or has any ideas,
I would love to hear you!

If you have never come along before, why not give it a try?
There's complete freedom to participate in as much or as little
of the evening as you wish to, and it can often be a great
time to simply listen, submerge and recharge. 

Some comments from those who have attended our recent worship hours:

I appreciated the mix of old and new songs

Beautiful music

Brilliant, so much fun to dance with joy and praise God and thank him for all He's done

Excellent celebrations!

Lovely music, and great to have the opportunity to share encouraging things"

Amazing worship, great to have an opportunity to meet with God"

I feel I can worship God in a newer and more full way I've not experienced before here

I can't recall a time where I experienced the Holy Spirit so powerfully

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Dates for 2018


  • Sunday 7th January
  • Sunday 4th March 
  • Sunday 6th May
  • Sunday 1st July
  • Sunday 2nd September 
  • Sunday 4th November 



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