Messy Church

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3189669origMessy Church is a form of church aimed at families and takes place on Sunday afternoon 6 (or so) times a year.  The aim is to offer activities which encourage creativity, reflection and fun and to show hospitality by eating together.  Each time we meet there is a range of craft activities along with a fun challenge.  This is followed by a time of celebration with songs, prayer and a Bible story. Then we eat!

All Age services are a bit like Messy Church but take place on Sunday mornings, also 6 (or so) times a year.  The aims are the same but the format is a little bit different because it involves the whole church congregation.  The service lasts no more than an hour and there is the same opportunity for creativity through craft, reflection on a Bible story, fun through games and hospitality through refreshments and snacks (after the service).

The theme this year for Messy Church and All Age services is Encounters with Jesus, so come along and be prepared to hear about people who met Jesus and what happened to them.  Dates for this year are below.  Everything is on a Sunday with the obvious exception of the Christmas Day service which is a 50 minute informal service.
Please note that these are family events and children must come with an adult who is responsible for them.
9th September 4.00pm Messy Church
7th October 10.30am All Age Service
11th November (TBC) 4.00pm Messy Church
9th December 10.30am All Age Nativity Service
25th December 10.00am Christmas Day All Age Service

If Messy Church or the All Age services sound like something your family would enjoy then just show up or alternatively contact Andy Brockbank if you’d like more information: